Welcome!  I am so excited to kick off this blog because I LOVE healthy food.  Well, really I love all food but my shift lately as been to health-promoting food for several reasons:

  1. Immunity.  I became obsessed with building my immune system since having kids.  Getting sick is no fun for anyone, but I found it particularly difficult to have a sick toddler, or to take care of a toddler while I was sick myself, or worse, both at the same time.  My daughter’s first winter at Mother’s Day Out was a doozy for both of us (preschool germs are no joke, y’all), and the next winter I was pregnant again and determined to learn the most natural ways to protect us against sickness.  It turns out good nutrition is the #1 way to stay healthy (obviously), but I’ll also share many other tips I’ve picked up in my research.
  2. Disease.  In the past few years, cancer and other chronic illnesses have hit several people close to me seemingly all at once, so it got me really interested in finding ways to keep my body as strong and healthy as possible to decrease my chances of disease.  Now that I am out of my twenties and have kids, there has been sort of a realization that a) life is fragile and oh-so-precious, b) this body is mine for the rest of my life and I need to take care of it and show it some love, and c) it’s therefore important to get to know this body well and find out what it needs, what causes it discomfort, etc.
  3.  Bio-individuality.  Speaking of discomfort, and through one of many “cleanses” I’ve done to get to know said body, I’ve (very) recently discovered that I have a sensitivity to legumes.  It seemed like the healthier, more plant-based my diet got, the angrier my intestines were, and I’m relieved to have found the culprit finally.  I have much more self-research to do, so I’m hoping that in the coming weeks and months I can understand better if it’s the entire category of legumes (y’all, I am most worried about peanut butter…please, body, oh please tolerate peanut butter), if there are digestive enzymes I can take, if there are steps I can take to permanently fix it, etc.  The bigger point is, I don’t think there is any one perfect diet for everybody.  I tried being a plant-based vegan and obviously with my legume intolerance it would be extremely difficult if not impossible for me.  I do think that we, as a society, need to eat more plants, but it’s going to look different for everyone.
  4. Nerd alert.  This quest for more food and nutrition knowledge satisfies the nerd in me.  It is such a HOT topic, constantly evolving and growing through current research.  I love that people are turning back to whole foods and realizing the negative impact that low-nutrient, highly processed foods have on our health.  I think some people don’t even know how good they can feel.  If you think about it, a lot of information people get about food comes from advertising…of processed foods.  And then of course, there are all of the medications that are backed by a cabillion dollar industry to fix conditions that could possibly have been prevented by just taking better care of our bodies in the first place.  Social media is really helping turn the tide and is giving veggies and real food the plug they deserve.
  5. Sugar.  And finally, I just love food, plain and simple.  I am a self-proclaimed recovering sugar addict, so I loved, love, and will always love sugar.  But current research is showing that added sugar is pretty much the worse thing for us, and I have taken steps to mostly eliminate it from my diet (although it’s something I will surely struggle with my whole life – moderation is so hard!).  Once I cut it out and really shifted my eating, my love of healthy food has grown into a pretty major obsession.  Healthy food is so delicious, and I think you can really be fulfilled, not deprived, when you feed your body what it needs.

So, this blog was born to share my love of nutritious food, my favorite recipes, tips to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and cool information I learn (did I mention I’m starting an online nutrition course?).  So please follow along, tag me in your recipes, share new information with me, and talk dirty food to me.

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