1. GET MORE SLEEP  Sleep is one of the most important factors to good health!  It should be a priority for all of us…it’s not a luxury, it is a necessity.  It supports a healthy immune system, reduces inflammation, prevents obesity, improves mood and cognition, and helps your body stay strong to fight off disease!  2017 was not a great year for sleep for me.  The year started out well.  Great, actually.  My baby finally started sleeping through the night at the end of January (he was 9 MONTHS…it was a long 9 months…), and I had a few great months of deep, mostly uninterrupted sleep.  Then my marriage started falling apart and the stress that accompanies divorce is not conducive to good sleep.  And now that I’ve got that under control, I’m a stay-at-home mom turned work-from-home mom who really can’t work much until the kids are in bed.  While I’m still figuring out the details of how to make that more manageable, some things we can all do to improve the quality of our sleep are: reduce sugar intake, reduce (or even eliminate) caffeine, have a calming bedtime routine that may include restorative yoga, warm baths in epsom salt, meditation, and reading, and stopping the use of electronics at least an hour before bed (GUILTY).
  2. Eat more greens.  Every day.  Ok, this one does have to do with food, but it is extremely specific and I think worthy of my list.  In my opinion, leafy greens should be their own food group, not lumped into the recommended servings of “fruits and veggies.”  They help every system of the body, fight disease, detoxify, and help slow down the aging process (yes please!!).  Instead of aiming for the generic “get healthier” or “lose weight,” add some very specific goals.  For me, this year, I want to be sure I eat greens every.damn.day. #greenseverydamnday let’s make it a thing!
  3. Detoxify my home with plants in every room  Speaking of greens, I want more green things around me!  There is something so calming about being surrounded by plants.  But even more important, they are a powerful tool to clean the air in your home!  They reduce toxins (and there are a lot), and oxygenate the air.  I want at least one green thing in every room of my house this year.
  4. Spend more time outside  I actually make this resolution every year, because it’s a good one.  And a fun one!  Being outside in the sunshine exposes us to Vitamin D (and the vast majority of us are Vitamin D deficient), and playing in the dirt may expose us to beneficial bacteria.  Plus, it just makes you feel good.
  5. Read more health books  There is just so much information out there, and I want to take it all in!  In fact, i’ll be publishing short book reviews on the blog every month or two so I can pass on some of the interesting tidbits.  I wish these kinds of things were required reading in school – I mean, we graduate high school knowing how to do calculus, but not knowing how to properly feed ourselves!  It blows my mind!  But it’s never too late to learn.  Sometimes the health headlines that make their way into mainstream media are a very incomplete picture of what true health is, so dig into the meaty stuff.
  6. Plant a bigger garden  I successfully grew zucchini and bell peppers last year, so I’m adding at least one new raised bed (hopefully 2!).  And I will keep them alive!  Mark my words!
  7. Reduce waste  Two New Years ago, I recommitted to recycling (I live outside of city limits and have to take it to a center).  Last New Years I decided I would start composting.  This year I want to examine all of the plastic and packaging that finds its way into our house and find ways to cut back even further.  What is something you can do to be a little greener?  Turn down your AC?  Cut back on your Amazon Prime purchases?  Start buying from the bulk bins?
  8. Spread the good word – food can be *healing*  I started my blog in 2017 mostly for fun.  I had some information and recipes I wanted to share, but lately my mission has become crystal clear.  Food can be our greatest healer.  Our healthcare system is totally messed up.  So many problems can be solved or prevented entirely through diet and lifestyle changes.  But most people don’t even know the proper way to eat, and it’s not their fault!  We are never formally taught about proper nutrition, and most of the studies and information comes from large processed food companies protecting their own interests.  I hope to be yet another warrior sharing what we should be eating, why, and equally important, how to do it – how to plan, shop, and prepare meals that will help us live our happiest, healthiest lives.  I want to do this on my Instagram account, my blog, in cooking classes, and in ways I haven’t yet dreamed of.

2 Comments on “My 8 Healthy New Years Resolutions (that don’t have anything to do with food!)

  1. You GO, Taylor!!! Thanks, as always for such amazing, proactive, and solid information on nutrition and lifestyle. Please keep up all you awesomely (ok, maybe not a true word) good work and blessings in the new year. here’s to forging ahead to create a healthier, more wholesome, green-is-good world!

    • Thank you Catherine! Your comment is awesomely appreciated 🙂

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