I’m so excited to share that I have another ebook available to you!  The 10 Day Reset is a complete wellness program.  I’ve collaborated with a couple of my good friends to bring you a 10 day meal plan, along with 10 minute yoga and interval training workouts.  We round out the program by suggesting a 10 minute daily meditation practice.  We are releasing this at the end of February, as a sort of “reset” and refocus on health goals (as many people have begun to slip by now on their new years resolutions, or downright given up and rolled on down the hill), but this program is also a fun challenge any time of the year!


The meal plan

The meal plan is plant-based, and excludes all animal products, gluten, and refined sugars.  It’s full of simple and delicious meals that will nourish and fuel your body, leaving you satisfied, not deprived.  By cutting out these food groups, you allow your digestive system to take a little break, fueling it with only easy-to-digest plant foods.  You will feel a boost in energy, and your body may even release some of those unwanted pounds.  In cutting out processed foods, you will also reset your taste buds and reduce sugar cravings.

The workouts

The workouts are 10-15 minutes in length, and are designed to get results in a short period of time.  The yoga workouts are provided by Chelsea Young.  In just 10 short minutes, you will flow and be challenged, and you will step off your mat feeling better than you did before you stepped on.  The interval training workouts are brought to you by Hilarie of Official Positively Fit and Positively Panicked.  She uses high intensity moves interspersed with body-weight resistance training that will help you burn fat, boost your metabolism and build stamina.

The meditation

This part is for you to complete on your own!  We urge you to set aside 10 minutes a day to connect with your physical body and quiet your mind.  For me, this will be the most challenging part of the program!  But the benefits of meditation make this part so worthwhile – plus we provide you with a checklist, and if you are anything like me, this is motivation enough to get it done.

What the ebook includes:

  • Original recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the entire 10 days
  • Bonus snack recipes
  • Complete grocery lists
  • A weeknight meal prep guide
  • Exclusive YouTube workouts – 5 yoga workouts and 5 interval training workouts
  • More detailed information about the meal plan and why it will benefit your body
  • A meditation guide
  • A checklist, so you can track your progress

Click here to purchase the program, and join us, starting Monday, March 5, as we commit to 10 days of total wellness!  Tag us in your journey #10dayreset

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