Last year I had the privilege of taking Meghan Telpner’s online course, the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, and I cannot say enough good things about it.  The course deepened my knowledge of how we can heal and nourish through dietary choices, and it took my passion to the next level.  Wondering if you would like the course?  Well, YES you would, I have no doubts!  But read on for my top 5 reasons you should become a Culinary Nutrition Expert:

  1. Half of your assignments are cooking assignments!  That means every week you get hands-on experience in the kitchen, and every single recipe is delicious!  I mean, what’s the point of learning how to heal with food if we don’t know how to make the healing food in the first place?!
  2. You will connect with an amazing community!  The Culinary Nutrition Expert Facebook group is a great place to connect with fellow students and alumni about all things food, business, etc.  Some of my closest Instagram friends are from the program, and we’ve bounced many ideas off of each other in terms of how we plan on applying what we’ve learned.
  3. Meghan and Josh (her husband) are so knowledgable and so much fun!  I seriously think Meghan might be my sister from another mister.  The video modules are definitely not boring.  And if you think you know a lot about this topic, be prepared to realize just how much you have to learn.  These 2 have been researching this topic for years and years and years, and it was an absolute joy to learn from them.
  4. The written assignments are so practical!  You will not feel like you are wasting any of your time during this program.  No matter how you plan on applying the information in your real life or business, all of the skills you practice during the course are skills you will use again.  From meal planning to recipe creation to researching health conditions, anyone who is human could benefit from the information, whether you plan on starting a business or not (it has definitely been extra helpful on the business side though).
  5. If you do plan on starting a business, you will gain a certification!  With my own meal-prep service and cooking class instruction, I believe it gives me an edge.  And trust me, you EARN that badge of honor in this program!

Wanna give it a test-run?  Check out the Academy of Culinary Nutrition Mini-Training to see if you like the vibe!  Registration opens on April 3 (next week!), and you can sign up for an Info Session to learn more.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me  And use my unique referral link so they know I sent some love their way: Academy of Culinary Nutrition

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