What a fascinating read!  In this book, William Davis makes the case that wheat (used interchangeably with gluten) is detrimental to our health.  This goes against conventional teachings that whole grains are a necessary part of a healthy diet.  He explains that modern wheat has been scientifically modified to a great extent over the past century in order to yield more wheat per acre.  The result is a product that looks nothing like wheat of even a hundred years ago, and this new wheat has negative effects on our health.  He claims that wheat is addictive, is a big contributor to obesity, diabetes, premature aging, heart disease, and poor brain health.

As a cardiologist, William Davis has seen first hand how conventional medical approaches work (or don’t work) to address many health problems.  He provides shocking anecdotes that show how healing a wheat-free diet can be to people suffering a wide variety of medical problems.  This book is full of some solid, and some more hypothetical conclusions about the role wheat plays in disease and healing.  My takeaway?  As with everything health related, one needs to look at the whole picture.  For me, this book provides good information regarding one piece of the puzzle.  I do agree that wheat has become far too central to the American diet, and it would be more health-promoting to eliminate or reduce the amount of wheat we consume.  There really isn’t a place in any healing diet for gluten.  However, I’m not sure if it will necessarily be a miracle solution for everyone.  With that said, I do think that with any health condition, diet and lifestyle should be the first things addressed – food can either build our health or build our disease!

You should read this book if you are hoping to wrap your head around the whole gluten debate, and better understand the science why gluten may be problematic in our diet.

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