I believe in a holistic, natural approach to health, with good nutrition playing a central role in our overall well-being.  How do I define “good nutrition?”  It’s not calorie-counting and label-reading.  Although those are helpful tools to have, the most health-promoting foods don’t have labels.  I believe that meals prepared from high-quality foods in their most natural state support our bodies best.

Somewhere along the way, we’ve been taught to focus on macronutrients – fat, proteins, and carbohydrates – when we really should be focusing at least as much on micronutrients.  Vitamins and minerals are critical to supporting every system in our body.  I always tell people to focus on finding ways to add more nutrient-dense food to their diet (instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t eat).  Eventually you will crowd out the “bad” food with more life-giving foods without ever feeling deprived.

I think that healthy food doesn’t have to be a kale salad (although I can make a mean one).  If I’m craving meat and potatoes, I’ll grill up a local grassfed cut of steak and pair it with potatoes grown locally in chemical-free soil and mash them with grassfed butter.  Even cookies have a place in a healthy diet!   Delicious, fresh-baked cookies, with the most nutritious ingredients and ZERO preservatives or chemicals are a totally acceptable treat!

While I don’t adhere to a specific diet (vegan, paleo, gluten-free, etc.), I do eat mostly plants, with some high-quality meat and fish…with some Chic-Fil-A, because, let’s face it, I have kids.  I buy local whenever possible – not only does it support small farms, but it ensures that the produce has the most nutrients possible.  Pasture-raised meat and eggs are also the most nutritious and sustainable choices.  I tend to give extra attention to adrenal and gut health, as well as filling in nutrient-deficiencies, as I believe these are key areas the Standard American Diet really need help.

You will see my fridge stocked with loads of fresh produce – organic vegetables, in-season fruits, and dark leafy greens from our local farmers market.  I source meat, eggs, and dairy locally through a CSA, and buy wild-caught seafood.  My pantry is stocked with every nut and seed you could imagine, dried goods like brown rice, oats, and quinoa, as well as legumes and nut butters.  All of those things, paired with a well-stocked spice cabinet, can make endless DELICIOUS and healthy meals your whole family will love.